Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Bird of Prey miniature debris

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Original miniature sections used in the production of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the popular science fiction series which first aired in 1993.

These are the remains of one of the Bird of Prey miniatures used for explosions during filming of the visual effects sequences. This lot comprises of five pieces believed to be a AMT/Ertl model kit which was built by the production for pyrotechnic use rather than destroy principal filming miniatures, it is known that such kits were used for shots in the 1995 episode The Way of the Warrior where they were reportedly filled with glitter by special effects supervisor Gary Monak. The debris are constructed from plastic and feature an expertly applied weathered green paint finish with some of the rear sides also painted and detailed in case they were glimpsed on camera as the model exploded.

The largest of the five sections measure approximately 3.25", they remain in good production used and exploded condition providing a displayable insight in to visual effects techniques on one of the most popular science fiction franchises in the history of television.

Movie / TV Show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine