Exorcist (The)

Linwood G. Dunn production letter

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A collection of paperwork from the production of The Exorcist, the classic 1973 supernatural horror picture directed by William Friedkin.

This is a period copy of a letter sent by Academy Award winning optical effects pioneer Linwood G. Dunn to producer Dave Salven during the production of the movie. The letter is on Film Effects of Hollywood headed paper and is dated September 24, 1973, it features a balance sheet and discusses the delivery of the optical composites produced by Dunn and is believed to be a copy retained by him for his records. Accompanying this is a hand inscribed sheet detailing the list of optical effects Dunn and his company produced for the picture.

The paperwork measures 11" x 8.5" and remains in excellent vintage condition, very fine.

A very rare example of production material from this Academy Award winning classic which ranks among the most successful horror pictures in cinematic history.

Movie / TV Show Exorcist (The)