Plymouth Adventure

Coppin (Lloyd Bridges) waistcoat

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An original costume used in the production of Plymouth Adventure, the 1952 drama picture starring Spencer Tracy and Gene Tierney under the direction of Clarence Brown.

This waistcoat was bespoke made by the MGM wardrobe department for veteran actor Lloyd Bridges as first mate Coppin. The costume is constructed from cream quilting and features large padded shoulder detailing with a button up front, to the interior collar is a period MGM costume label which is hand inscribed 'L BRIDGES' with a sequence of numbers below, this heavily faded but still legible.

Considering its 65 year age the costume remains in remarkable condition exhibiting light wear and minor staining consistent with production use and age, the front of the waistcoat also lacking one button, otherwise fine.

An incredibly rare example of vintage costume from this Academy Award winning picture.

Movie / TV Show Plymouth Adventure