Da Vinci Code (The)

Tom Hanks (Robert Langdon) autographed set used novel with props

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A collection of original artefacts from the production of The Da Vinci Code, the 2006 thriller based on the hit novel by Dan Brown starring Tom Hanks under the direction of Ron Howard.

This copy of Dan Brown's novel was used for reference during the production of the movie by Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon. The well thumbed book is signed by Hanks to the interior of the cover in black ink and contains several production made props seemingly used as book markers to include two aged handwritten letters, a hymn sheet and a print out of an Interpol wanted page which features an image of Hanks as Langdon.

The novel is heavily read with bending and edge wear from use during the production, the accompanying props with similar edge wear from being located within the book since production.

A fine collection from this memorable box office smash.

Movie / TV Show Da Vinci Code (The)