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An original script used in the production of The Rock, the 1996 action picture starring Nicholas Cage and Sean Connery under the direction of Michael Bay.

This original production script comprises of approximately 120 pages bound between front and rear covers of black card with the front featuring the logo of Don Simpson/Jerry Bruckheimer Films, numerous dates are present within with the most recent being February 1995, the interior cover page detailing these revision dates with a further page nothing the change in name for FBI Special Agent Paxton which was subsequently changed again following this script being issued. 

Numerous dialogue differences are present throughout the script, many minor with some more significant changes, some more notable examples include the following.

  • In the scene which introduces Stanley Goodspeed (Nicholas Cage) where he receives a record by The Beatles, in this script he receives a vintage Fantastic Four comic book. 
  • In the scene where Goodspeed speaks to Mason (Sean Connery) regarding the pardon this script states that Mason signs it Adolph Hitler (sic) and nobody notices, this is not revealed on screen.
  • At the end of the movie where FBI Director Womack (John Spencer) joins Goodspeed on Alcatraz and discusses Mason's death the phone rings and Goodspeed speaks to the President who congratulates him and makes it clear he is not impressed with Womack's exploits.
  • In this script a smiling Mason and his daughter were to be seen driving up the freeway in a Jeep immediately before we see Goodspeed find the microfilm in the final scene, this was cut from the finished film.

The script remains in excellent production used condition exhibiting only minor wear from use and handling, spine hand inscribed 'THE ROCK - SHOOTING', generally very fine.

A rare and interesting production artefact from this well received box office smash.

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