Nightmare Man (The)

The Killer (Terry Walsh) costume

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An original costume used in the production of The Nightmare Man, the 1981 BBC science fiction horror serial written by Robert Holmes and directed by Douglas Camfield.

This costume was worn on screen by veteran stunt performer Terry Walsh who doubled for Pat Gorman as The Killer, the Vodyanoi pilot and Soviet Navy Major who has become a creature acting on instinct due to the damage to his brain resulting in the events which take place on the island.

The costume was custom made by the BBC Wardrobe Department for the serial and is intended to represent a military style pressure suit, the full length costume is constructed from silver vinyl which has been extensively paint weathered and features various pockets with ribbed cuffs, a crotch flap and zip fly. To the upper back of the costume are two holes which have been intentionally cut and used to rig the suit for the sequence where The Killer is set on fire at the beginning of the final episode, this performed by Terry Walsh with his name being hand inscribed to the interior shoulder of the suit, another small hole to the left chest has also been cut, this for an unknown stunt purpose.

The costume remains in excellent production used and distressed condition with minor burn marks surrounding the holes to the rear, overall fine.

This represents an exceptionally rare artefact from the production of this classic BBC serial.

Movie / TV Show Nightmare Man (The)