House That Dripped Blood (The)

Publicity folder



An original publicity folder from the production of The House That Dripped Blood, the 1971 Amicus horror anthology picture starring Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing.

This is a vintage original publicity folder created for the purpose of promoting the movie, comprising of a glossy card folder with the title and artwork to the front which features various imagery from the film to the interior. Contained within the folder are a number of documents offering a wealth of information regarding the production including a adverting bill with images of the principal cast to the interior, six page production information guide, seven pages of production notes, a three page synopsis, a four page document with information about the director and producers and a draft announcement story for the release of the movie headed with the Cinerama Releasing Corporation logo.

The folder remains in very good production used condition with some edge wear to the rear cover, paperwork within very fine.

A nice example of vintage publicity material from this horror production.

Movie / TV Show House That Dripped Blood (The)