Black Knight (The)

Matte painting comparison photographs

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A collection of original photographs from the production of The Black Knight, the 1954 adventure picture starring Alan Ladd and Peter Cushing.

A matte painting is a special visual effects element used in the production of motion pictures enabling filmmakers to add environments to films which are not possible to achieve practically on location or in a studio. A fixture in filmmaking since the birth of cinema common uses for matte paintings include the extension of landscapes and structures which would be either impossible to build or prohibitively expensive and time consuming, they are also useful in the creation of fantasy pictures to portray situations which do not exist in reality giving the filmmaker free reign to bring his vision to the screen, these paintings are combined with live action footage to produce impressive shots which when perfectly executed can trick the audience in to believing what they seeing is real.

These four vintage original photographs originated from the Technicolor laboratory in West Drayton, London which was located in close proximity to the major British studios, it was here where these shots were processed. The photographs of the castle offer us a comparison between the raw live action footage and the final shot following the addition of the matte which completes the top of the building, likely the work of Cliff Culley and unknown assistants at Pinewood Studios.

The photographs each measure approximately 4.75" x 3.5" and remain in very good vintage condition exhibiting some toning with one displaying a significant crease, paper remnants present following past removal from an album, otherwise fine.

An exceptionally rare and very likely unique example of original production material from the production.

Movie / TV Show Black Knight (The)