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Tetrap costume - Time and the Rani



An original Tetrap monster costume used in the production of the long running BBC television series Doctor Who.

From the 1987 serial Time and the Rani which marked the first appearance of Sylvester McCoy as The Doctor after taking over from Colin Baker and the return of Kate O'Mara as renegade Time Lady The Rani who controls a number of bat like creatures - The Tetraps. The costume consists of rear fastening under suit with applied simulated fur detailing and material bat like wings with further upper body section of sculpted foam again dressed with simulated fur complemented by original claw like hands of foam and latex with upper arms of fur reaching the elbow. The head is of foam latex construction with four painted plastic eyes and vacuum formed inner jaw section, detailed and painted to a high standard, with holes to the front to aid the wearers vision.

The costume remains in remarkable condition for its age with some wear to the wings, the foam latex head almost certainly one of the finest example surviving with only minor areas of latex missing and very minor hardening to its extremities. The gloves show some harding to the claw areas with the upper sections remaining in excellent condition. The upper body portion of the costume remains in supple and soft condition throughout. Overall an incredibly fine example of an almost complete screen used monster costume which lacks only the feet.

The costume is presented on a mannequin and stands an impressive 6' 6" in height, an imposing display piece and a rare ensemble from this classic television series.

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