Superman II

Storyboard binder - Metropolis battle

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An original script used in the production of Superman II, the 1980 superhero sequel starring Christopher Reeve in the title role.

This storyboard binder covers the memorable destructive battle sequence which takes place in the city of Metropolis and comprises of approximately 150 production copies taken from the original renderings which are printed on yellow paper and bound to the left hand edge with a metal clasp between front and rear covers of plastic. Each storyboard features an illustration of the action with a scene description underneath and many bearing notes relating to model shots and front projection with further sequence and script numbers. Each storyboard is headed with the tile 'PRODUCTION: 'SUPERMAN 2'' and is dated 21.7.79, this binder was issued to zoptic operator David Speed during the production and the top right corner of the first page bears his name hand inscribed in pencil.

The 150 page A4 sized storyboard binder remains in excellent production used condition with only light edge wear, very fine.

A fine production artefact from this well regarded picture which remains an influential favourite of the superhero genre.

Movie / TV Show Superman II