Superman III

Hand drawn storyboard artwork - Superman on Atari screen

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Original storyboard artwork used in the production of the 1983 superhero picture Superman III starring Christopher Reeve.

This hand drawn storyboard artwork depicts the Atari screen from the memorable scene where Superman comes under rocket fire. Accomplished in pencil and marker pen on paper the storyboard features a type written description below the illustration 'ATARI SCREEN; SHOWING A BARRAGE OF MISSILES AIMED AT THE FLYING FIGURE' which has been stuck over the original hand written notes. The board also features the script number 'SC.359A' hand inscribed to the bottom left corner in pen with the inked date stamp '04 JUN 1982' to the right. All copies of this storyboard issued to crew members for use during the production would have originated from this hand drawn original.

The storyboard artwork measures A4 in size and remains in excellent condition with pin holes to the corners from use during the production, overall very fine.

A fine example of original hand drawn storyboard artwork from this classic superhero franchise.

Movie / TV Show Superman III