Alien puppet hand



An original puppet hand used in the production of Stingray, the 1964 Supermarionation series created by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

Hands such as this were created by the puppet makers for use on the various alien characters which feature throughout the series. Constructed from a moulded green vinyl material the hand features an internal metal armature allowing the movement and positioning of the fingers with a threaded rod to the end which could be screwed in to the puppet body making the hands easily removable and interchangeable. Originally painted a strange shade of metallic paint to give an alien like appearance, the majority of this paint finish is now missing having worn off over the years but some small traces do still remain. Otherwise the hand remains in excellent production used condition measuring approximately 4.5" long.

A displayable and affordable puppet artefact from this highly regarded and early Anderson series.

Movie / TV Show Stingray