Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Early large Ralph McQuarrie production logo sticker

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An original production sticker from the production of the 1977 science fiction picture Star Wars, the first instalment in the classic franchise directed by George Lucas.

This early production sticker features the first logo designed by conceptual designer Ralph McQuarrie at the request of George Lucas. The logo was created by McQuarrie circa summer 1975 and features an atmospheric concept of Luke Skywalker holding his lightsaber in front of a planet, the bottom reads 'THE STAR WARS' which was the original working title for the picture.

Stickers such as this were used on various production materials including scripts and cast and crew books, a sticker identical to this also adorned the rushes book in which notes were kept for each take during the production, as seen in The Making of Star Wars book. 

The sticker is self adhesive and remains in unused condition on its backing which measures approximately 6" x 4.5" with the triangular sticker measuring approximately 5" high and 4" at its widest point. It remains in excellent condition, very fine.

A displayable artefact from the very early days of one of the most influential and highly regarded franchises in cinematic history.

Movie / TV Show Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope