Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Hand drawn storyboard artwork

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An original storyboard artwork used in the production of  Star Trek: The Motion Picture, the 1979 science fiction picture directed by Robert Wise and first instalment of the Star Trek film series.

This hand drawn storyboard artwork was created during the production and references a visual effects shot involving the V'ger. Accomplished in blue colouring pencil on paper it features two storyboard illustrations with hand inscribed notes relating to the shots which read 'FULL EXTERIOR IMAGE OF V'GER AS VIEWED FROM EARTH' and 'PULSING STATIC OF V'GERS SIGNAL' respectively.

The storyboard measures approximately 12" x 9" and remains in excellent production used condition, very fine.

A fine example of original artwork with excellent subject matter from the first instalment of the Star Trek film franchise.

Movie / TV Show Star Trek: The Motion Picture