Star Trek: Insurrection

Transport Inhibitor



An original prop used in the production of Star Trek: Insurrection, the ninth picture of the Star Trek film franchise.

This Transport Inhibitor was custom made by the production and can be seen in use on the planet Ba'ku in the movie. This impressive prop is constructed largely from rigid plastic which is finished with grey paint, the edges of the inhibitor feature coloured perspex panels in blue and yellow with an amber coloured light to the top centre of the piece. The Transport Inhibitor is adorned with various numeric decals to the top and underside in addition to gold stickers which feature various jokes added by the props department, a common feature on original Star Trek props. A wire protrudes from the centre of the props underside allowing it to be connected to a power source to light up, the functionality of this feature is untested due to the lack of an appropriate connector but there is nothing to suggest the features are not in working order.

The Transport inhibitor measures approximately 31" in diameter and 8" at its deepest point and remains in excellent production used condition with only minor paint wear.

A memorable and highly displayable artefact from one of the biggest movie franchises of all time.

Please note that due to large size of this piece we advise that any shipping queries, particularly those of an international nature, are discussed before ordering.

Movie / TV Show Star Trek: Insurrection