George Pal's Jasper Puppetoons

Scarecrow puppet



An original puppet used in the production of the famous Jasper Puppetoons created by George Pal throughout the 1940's using stop motion animation.

This is an original puppet used in various Jasper Puppetoons which utilised the replacement method of animation to bring the characters to life with different heads and bodies being used for each of the various expressions and movements required. These controversial and celebrated productions proved pioneering, as did the notable individuals who helped produce them including the great Willis O'Brien and Ray Harryhausen who animated three Jasper shorts in his time at Puppetoon Studios before going on to become an effects legend in his own right.

The puppet is constructed from hand carved wood and metal with a pin to the bottom allowed it to be mounted on the stage for filming, the head of hand carved wood is removable allowing the animators to change the characters expression, this head being inscribed 'NOR 1' for normal.

The puppet stands approximately 6.5" tall and remains in remarkable vintage condition with only minimal wear, very fine.

An extraordinarily rare and displayable artefact from these celebrated productions which saw George Pal recognised with an Honorary Award from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences "for the development of novel methods and techniques in the production of short subjects known as Puppetoons".

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