Rules of Engagement

Production used insert clapperboard



An original clapperboard used in the production of Rules of Engagement, the 2000 drama starring Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L. Jackson under the direction of William Friedkin.

This production used clapperboard is constructed from perspex with an affixed wooden clap stick features the title of the movie in red lettering with the name of director William Friedkin and had spaces to record shooting information. This small insert style clapperboard was used primarily for crane shots which utilised wide angle lenses however the presence of tape to the verso with the name of cinematographer Nicola Pecorini would suggest use in other sequences.

The clapperboard measures approximately 6" x 6" and remains in excellent condition exhibiting some minor wear consistent with production use.

A fine and displayable example of the iconic clapperboard.

Movie / TV Show Rules of Engagement