Survivors - 1975 (TV)

Roger Parkes personal script - The Chosen



An original script used in the production of the 1975 post apocalyptic BBC television series Survivors created by noted Doctor Who contributer Terry Nation.

For the series two episode The Chosen first broadcast in 1976 this original rehearsal script was the personal copy of writer Roger Parkes. Comprising of 112 pages in addition to the cover and a further page containing cast and set information with the cover of the script extremely heavily annotated in Roger's hand. These notes in pencil and red and black pen mostly relate to scene changes and additions and also note the page numbers of the script on which these additions are to take place. The interior of the script features annotations to multiple pages including those noted on the front cover for his reference. It is accompanied by a further loose script page which contains an additional hand written scene, again in the hand of Roger Parkes.

The script remains in excellent condition considering its almost 40 year age and heavy use during the production. The has been a slight repair made to the front page around the binding pin many years ago but this in no way detracts from the quality of this well used and heavily annotated script.

An exceptional and incredibly rare example of original production material from this highly regarded cult BBC production.

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