Mother Riley Meets the Vampire

Robot costume

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The original robot from Mother Riley Meets the Vampire, the 1952 comedy horror starring Arthur Lucan and Bela Lugosi.

This is the original robot costume and central plot device seen throughout the movie, constructed from metal the robot features shoulder, elbow and knee joints of thick rubber in an attempt to retain some movement for the wearer with various dials and circuitry to the front. Following its use in this film the robot went on to appear in the 1967 Avengers episode The See-Through Man where it can be seen in Quilby's (Roy Kinnear) laboratory.

The robot stands an impressive 83" high and remains in good vintage condition, lacking various minor parts including circuits to head and interior, exhibiting the general wear and tear you would associate with a seventy year old prop. The glass dome to the top is a modern replacement.

A unique and impressive talking point with a delightful vintage.

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Movie / TV Show Mother Riley Meets the Vampire