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Robert Holmes personal script - The Space Pirates



An original script used in the production of the long running BBC science fiction television series Doctor Who.

From the 1969 serial The Space Pirates starring Patrick Troughton as The Doctor this script was only the second ever penned by noted Doctor Who writer Robert Holmes, indeed this example was issued to Holmes during the production and it served as his personal script for the sixth and final episode of the serial. His original draft of the story had, by this stage, undergone some changes at the hands of Derrick Sherwin who having acted in a more senior capacity in previous serials resumed his old post of script editor for The Space Pirates.

This rehearsal script, for episode six, consists of 41 pages printed on period foolscap sized paper measuring 13" x 8" with the cover crediting Robert Holmes as writer in addition to the BBC project number. Of interest with this particular example is the addition of the two final pages of the script for episode five which detail the cliffhanger involving The Doctor and a further cover which carries a red coloured band across the bottom of the page, while the episode five pages carry a yellow band. The addition of the red band signifies that this script is the version edited by Derrick Sherwin, the reason for the addition of the episode five pages is uncertain although it is a possibility that Sherwin made edits here also and they were simply enclosed when Holmes was given this script for his interest. The outer cover bearing the red band credits Derrick Sherwin as script editor in addition to credits for producer, director and designer. It also details the dates for rehearsals, the recording, which took place at BBC Television Centre and the transmission date of 12 April 1969 which proved correct.

The script remains in good condition with some minor edge wear and toning to the cover, the binding pin although not original to this script is of the correct period and style and is absolutely consistent with those used on other Doctor Who scripts from this era previously handled by The Prop Gallery.

A rare example of an original sixties era script from this cult science fiction series.

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