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Spaceship filming miniature - Psirens

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An original spaceship filming miniature used in the production of the BBC science fiction comedy series Red Dwarf.

This filming miniature was used on screen in the Series VI episode Psirens and can be seen in the spaceship graveyard where it is investigated by the scouter. The craft was designed and built by model unit director of photography Peter Tyler from his own design and filmed for by him for the series in March 1993. Constructed largely from plastic sheet the craft features large boosters to the rear with landing gear to the underside which can be collapsed in to the body of the craft. The miniature is detailed with various kit parts with some tape detailing and is hand painted and weathered to a high standard.

The spaceship measures a very impressive 44" in length at approximately 20" at its widest point. It remains in excellent production used condition with only very minor age related wear, overall very fine.

A unique and and highly displayable filming miniature from this cult science fiction series.

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