Space: 1999

Re-entry glider filming miniature - The Immunity Syndrome



This is an original re-entry glider filming miniature from the cult science fiction television series Space: 1999 produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson. The model was screen used in the season 2 episode The Immunity Syndrome.

The glider was constructed by expert model maker Martin Bower from the design of visual effects legend Brian Johnson who later went on to win academy awards for his work on Alien and The Empire Strikes Back, it was inspired by the NASA design of the Hyper III and built in two scales. This 16'' model was used where the glider is seen docked on top of the Eagle and is a testament to the quality of the ground breaking model effects work produced by Brian and his crew, effects which saw him inspire a filmmaker by the name of George Lucas who in turn approached him to do the model effects on a then unknown production called Star Wars. It was the quality of such work which contributed to Space: 1999 being the most expensive show ever produced for British television at that time.

Measuring 16'' in length the model is constructed from perspex and meticulously painted in varying shades of red and orange by Martin Bower and has subtle weathering which was completed by SFX assistant Cyril Forster. Mounting points are visible where the model would have been hung from for filming. Special effects filming miniatures from Gerry Anderson productions are extremely rare and this example represents a memorable craft in fantastic studio used condition.

An incredible example of a filming miniature from this classic Anderson series.

Movie / TV Show Space: 1999