Production made Nostromo miniature casting



An original Nostromo casting created during the production of the 1979 science fiction classic Alien directed by Ridley Scott with design from legendary Swiss surrealist H. R. Giger.

For the production of Alien the Nostromo craft was built in three different scales from an initial design by conceptual artist Ron Cobb. These filming miniatures were constructed at Bray Studios by a talented visual effects team headed up by Brian Johnson and Nick Allder who along with H. R. Giger, Carlo Rambaldi and Dennis Ayling received the 1979 Academy Award for Best Visual Effects in recognition of the teams outstanding achievements.

This casting is a production made shell of the Nostromo and represents the smallest scale built for the production. The casting is in four separate pieces which were each cast in fibreglass in two halves and when put together form the basic shape of the Nostromo which would then be further dressed and detailed with kit parts by the model team. Only one Nostromo in this scale was finished to be used on screen and the final images show that miniature under construction at the Bray Studios model workshop with the final image being a period shot of this very miniature taken on the model shop floor at Bray. The Nostromo casting is accompanied by three 6" x 4" vintage prints of the last three images which were taken in the workshop at Bray by a member of the model effects crew who retained this unused casting after the production.

The Nostromo miniature measures an impressive 15" in length and 13" at its widest point, it stands 5.5" high.The casting remains in excellent production made condition with some minor age related wear.

An exceptionally rare and displayable artefact from this Academy Award winning masterpiece.

Movie / TV Show Alien