James Bond: The Living Daylights

Royal set visit security pass



An original security pass used in the production of the 1987 James Bond picture The Living Daylights starring Timothy Dalton as the suave spy.

This is an original security pass issued to production members when Prince Charles and Princess Diana visited the set of The Living Daylights at Pinewood Studios on December 11th 1986, during this royal visit Princess Diana famously smashed a stunt bottle made from sugar glass over the head of Prince Charles as reported in mainstream media at the time.

As you would expect with a royal visit security was extremely tight and specific passes were distributed to the various members of the production who were permitted to be present on the day. The clip on laminated security pass measures approximately 3.25" x 2.5" and carries details such as the production name, pass number and date to allow access to L stage at Pinewood Studios for the duration of the visit, obtained by The Prop Gallery directly from editor Peter Davis, a veteran of several James Bond pictures.

A rare and interesting artefact from one of the most celebrated franchises in cinematic history.


Movie / TV Show James Bond: The Living Daylights