Little Shop of Horrors

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An original script used in the production of Little Shop of Horrors, the 1986 comedy horror picture directed by Frank Oz.

This original production used final draft screenplay is dated 27th September, 1985 and comprises of 127 pages bound between front and rear covers of yellow card with a window cut out to the front revealing the title of the movie to the interior cover page which is hand inscribed with the number 110. The script is accompanied by six amendment pages on pink paper which were issued during the production but never added to the script as intended, these are dated 14th October, 1985.

The script remains in excellent production used condition exhibiting some minor wear to the front and rear covers with a pen outline to the interior cover page, the amendment pages very good with some wear to the leading edges, generally fine.

A fine example of original production material from this cult classic.

Movie / TV Show Little of Shop of Horrors