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An original script used in the production of Lethal Weapon, the 1987 action picture starring Mel Gibson and Danny Glover under the direction of Richard Donner.

This is an original production used second draft script dated January 6, 1986 comprising of 106 pages in addition the interior title page which is hand inscribed with the number 93 and a further page featuring character biographies for Sergeant Martin Riggs (Mel Gibson) and Detective Sergeant Roger Murtaugh (Danny Glover), this bound between front and rear covers of grey card with the front featuring the movie title 'LETHAL WEAPON' in silver print. This early draft script features a number of significant differences to the final cut of the movie with this example containing sequences cut from the movie, lacking others, with different detail and dialogue to various scenes, these differences include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • The character biography page at the beginning of the script incorrectly states that Murtaugh is forty years old, it also states that he smokes too much and is a world class marksman when in the final cut of the movie he seriously dislikes smoking and is not portrayed as a marksman of any particular quality.
  • In this version the movie starts in a bar where some punks unsuccessfully attempt to rob Riggs, this scene was filmed but not included in the final cut and was later shown as an extra on the DVD release. Owing to this the memorable sequence where Riggs does the drug deal and gets a nice six footer to put it under is compleatly absent from this script.
  • Michael Hunsaker is called Richard Lloyd in this draft and his wife Lucinda rather than Claire.
  • At the school shooting seen in the directors cut Riggs takes the sniper out with a grenade amongst other differences.
  • Joshua cuts his wrist rather than burning his arm at the meeting with Mendez.
  • After Rianne is kidnapped the stand off takes place at Griffith Observatory rather than in the desert.
  • When Riggs fights with Joshua he kills him by removing one of his eyes and putting his fingers through his eye sockets.
  • In the final scene when Riggs arrives at Murtaugh's house he presents Rianne with a bullet, in this version of the script he presents a bottle of pills to Carrie.
  • The final page states that the duo will return in 'Body Count', an early working title for the 1989 sequel.

The script remains in excellent production used condition exhibiting minor cover and edge wear with age related toning to the pages, generally very fine.

A rare and thoroughly interesting example of original production material from the first instalment of this classic action franchise.

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