Large scale model miniature house

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An original miniature used in the production of Labyrinth, the 1986 fantasy picture starring Jennifer Connelly and David Bowie under the direction of Jim Henson.

This is an original miniature used in the closing shot of the movie as we see Jareth (David Bowie) in his owl form flying away from Sarah's (Jennifer Connelly) house. This large scale house formed part of the miniature set built by the model unit for the shot and can be seen next door to the main house. Entirely hand built from wood the miniature is extraordinarily detailed with strips of hand cut tiles forming the roof and individually cut bricks applied to the chimney, it features an awning to the right hand side which is not permanently fixed in place. Such is the quality and detail of the models used in this sequence it is virtually impossible to recognise it as a miniature set on screen, a fine example of prop building at the very highest level.

The miniature measures an incredible 26" wide excluding the awning and stands an impressive 37" high, it remains in very good screen used condition lacking numerous minor pieces of detail due to age and storage but this does not detract from what is an extremely impressive miniature.

A unique and exquisite miniature from the production of the cult fantasy classic.

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Movie / TV Show Labyrinth