Secret Service (The)

Jet filming miniature - Errand of Mercy



An original filming miniature used in the production of the 1969 Supermarionation television series The Secret Service created by Gerry & Sylvia Anderson.

This jet filming miniature was used on screen in the episode Errand of Mercy and is one of three originally made in this scale for production. Constructed from wood the miniature is meticulously hand painted with camouflage detailing, panel lining and multi coloured emblem, the underside is again highly detailed and hand weathered. The miniature still retains the metal tubing to the underside which was used to suspend it on wires for filming.

The last two images show this very miniature rigged on wires behind the scenes where it can be identified by its unique paint scheme.

The jet measures approximately 12" long and remains in good screen used condition.

A highly displayable and rare example of an original screen used filming miniature from this classic Anderson series.

Movie / TV Show Secret Service (The)