Inspector Gadget

Inspector Gadget (Matthew Broderick) coptor hat



An original prop used in the production of Inspector Gadget, the 1999 feature based on the animated series of the same name.

Inspector Gadget (Matthew Broderick) can be seen wearing his hat as part of his principal wardrobe throughout the production with this being this example being a full coptor version complete with handle bars. Designed and built for the production by noted effects house Stan Winston Studios the custom made hat features a fibreglass shell to the interior with handlebars of machined aluminium with resin handles, top section of similar construction with the rotors completed using computer generated imagery.

The piece measures approximately 53" wide and remains in excellent production used condition with only minor paint wear to the handles, extremely fine.

An instantly recognisable and highly displayable artefact from the production.

Movie / TV Show Inspector Gadget