Back to the Future Part II

Hill Valley Police holster

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An original prop from the production of Back to the Future Part II, the second instalment in the classic trilogy starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

Holsters such as this can be seen on the belts worn by Foley (Stephanie E. Williams) and Reese (Mary Ellen Trainor), the two female officers of the Hill Valley Police Department in the year 2015, who discover Jennifer Parker (Elisabeth Shue) in the alley before escorting her to her future home. Constructed from black leather the large holster features a belt loop and fixing straps, identical holsters are seen to hold the futuristic gadget used to scan Jennifer's prints with this being an unused back up which was ultimately surplus to requirements.

The holster measures approximately 8" x 5" and remains in excellent vintage condition with only minor age related wear, overall fine.

An affordable artefact from this classic science fiction trilogy.

Movie / TV Show Back to the Future Part II