Hero ceramic ampule



An original prop used in the production of Prometheus, the 2012 science fiction prequel directed by Ridley Scott.

This hero ampule was custom made for the production by pottery specialist Rob Sollis at Pinewood Studios, this hand made ampule constructed from kiln fired clay rather than the usual lightweight cast versions which were created by the production in far greater numbers. The ampule features a distressed finish and includes a number of alien inscriptions etched vertically to the sides with this lettering being inspired by Cretan hieroglyphics, a detachable lid sits on a rim with the piece being hollow to the inside with a simple black painted finish, this necessary to house the containers seen on screen.

The ampule stands an impressive 20.5" high and measures approximately 8" at its widest point, it remains in excellent production used condition exhibiting only minor wear to the finish and minor cracks to the base, overall very fine.

An instantly recognisable and highly displayable artefact from the classic Alien franchise.

Movie / TV Show Prometheus