Ready Player One

Haptic vest

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An original costume from the production of Ready Player One, the 2018 science fiction picture directed by Steven Spielberg.

Haptic vests such as this can be seen worn by various characters throughout the movie. Custom made by the production this highly detailed children's vest is constructed from thick padded material with a plastic centre section which is covered in colourful material featuring unicorns and rainbows with an applied label to one corner reading 'IOI HAPTIC'. A number of straps with velcro and clip fastenings attach the vest to the wearer which is further dressed with multicoloured wiring. This is accompanied by a studio certificate of authenticity Warner Bros. Corporate Archive, Burbank, California.

The vest measures approximately 15" at its widest point and remains in excellent condition exhibiting some minor wear and soiling consistent with production use, overall very fine.

An extremely rare artefact from the production of this well received science fiction picture backed by studio paperwork.

Movie / TV Show Ready Player One