Steven-Charles Jaffe personal script binder

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An original script used in the production of Ghost, the 1990 romantic fantasy picture starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

This is the original shooting script used by executive producer and second unit director Steven-Charles Jaffe during the production of the movie. The complete shooting script consists of 129 numbered pages plus cover page bearing the name of the movie and is housed within a period black binder of imitation leather which is inscribed 'STEVEN CHARLES JAFFE, GHOST' in marker pen to the interior cover. Interestingly only two pages of the original script remain, the rest having been replaced by Jaffe with various revision sheets as they were issued when changes were made during the production, these revision sheets are of numerous different colours which are dated as follows;

  • White - 5/22/89
  • White - 6/23/89
  • Blue - 7/13/89
  • Pink (light) - 7/21/89
  • Green - 8/23/89
  • Yellow (dark) - 9/06/89
  • Yellow (light) - 9/11/89
  • Orange - 9/13/89
  • Pink (dark) - 9/27/89


The complete script in reality runs more than 129 pages as several of the revision sheets are numbered with letter suffixes, for example 52 A. Many of the pages feature annotations inscribed in Jaffe's hand relating to the shots and many are also crossed in pen which is common during the production after a sequence has been filmed. This represents an exceptional and incredibly rare example of a script which was heavily used during filming by a senior production member, obtained by The Prop Gallery directly from the collection of executive producer and second unit director Steven-Charles Jaffe.

The script and binder remain in excellent production used condition throughout with some of the pages exhibiting edge wear from use and handling, overall very fine.

An exceptional production artefact from this highly regarded Academy Award winning production and box office smash which became the highest grossing picture of 1990.

Movie / TV Show Ghost