Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

Fourth draft annotated script page



An original script page used in the production of the 1977 science fiction picture Star Wars, the first instalment in the classic franchise directed by George Lucas.

This script page is an original from the fourth draft screenplay dated January 1st 1976, its content describes the establishing shots of the Battle of Yavin where the Alliance prepare for their assault on the Death Star. This exact version was ultimately unused in the final cut of the movie and had been revised by the final draft of the script with the nearest line in the finished movie being 'All wings report in' spoken by Red Leader. The page features storyboard numbers which are hand inscribed in red pen with a further inscription '5 SEC' in pencil next to the Blue Leader's line, the page carries some print transfer to the verso which is from the following page of the script, this can be just made out to cover the scenes where the pilots check in before the assault commences, 'Blue two standing by' etc. The page carries the date 1/1/76 to the bottom left corner and has been hole punched for binder use.

The script page measures 11" x 8.5" and remains in good production used condition with pulls to the top and bottom binder holes and some minor wear from handing and age, otherwise very fine.

An interesting example of early production material from one of the most influential and highly regarded franchises in cinematic history.

Movie / TV Show Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope