First Men in the Moon

Vintage behind the scenes stills



An original concept artwork used in the production of First Men in the Moon, the 1964 science fiction picture starring Edward Judd, Martha Hyer and Lionel Jeffries based on the 1901 novel by H. G. Wells.

this collection of four vintage original stills are printed on glossy photographic stock and show the miniature sets created as part of the special visual effects provided by stop-motion animation legend Ray Harryhausen who worked alongside noted effects artist Les Bowie at his Slough studios. The candid stills show highly detailed close ups of the sets and also feature Harryhausen, Bowie and art director John Blezard, these take by frequent Bowie collaborator Ian Scoones and originating from his personal collection.

The stills measure approximately 10" x 6.5" but appear untrimmed, varied condition with each exhibiting tipping, tape and notes to the verso as a result of being removed from Scoones' personal scrapbooks.

A fine memento from this regarded Harryhausen work.

Movie / TV Show First Men in the Moon