Apogee file script



An original script used during the production of David Lynch's 1984 film adaptation of Dune, based on the novel by Frank Herbert.

This script was the original file copy held at Apogee Inc who were originally contracted to provide the visual effects for the picture, headed up by effects pioneer John Dykstra who had previously won an Academy Award for his work on Star Wars before forming his own visual effects company in the late 1970's. Ultimately Apogee did not provide the effects and pulled out of the project altogether.

This early fifth draft script comprises of 119 pages each dated August 21st 1982, over two years before the eventual release of the picture, this draft was later revised and further drafts written before the completion of principal photography. The script is bound between front and rear boards of thick orange card stock and features an applied label to the front typewritten 'DUNE' with 'FILE COPY' hand inscribed to the top right in marker pen.

The script remains in excellent condition throughout with only very minor edge wear to the front and rear boards, very fine.

A rare example of early production material from box office flop which later achieved cult status with science fiction fans.

Movie / TV Show Dune