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Rost (Sarah Berger) Cryon head & ruff - Attack of the Cybermen

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An original prop used in the production of the long running BBC television series Doctor Who.

From the 1985 serial Attack of the Cyberman starring Colin Baker this is the original mask and ruff as worn by Sarah Berger as Rost, a Cryon and native inhabitant of the planet Telos. Custom made by the BBC Costume Department the mask is constructed from vacuum formed plastic which has been dressed with small details featuring iridescent qualities, many of these now lacking, to give the Cryons their otherworldly appearance, a slit to the rear allows the mask to be taken on and off the head. A ruff worn around the neck is also present, this of similar construction to the mask with the ensemble presented on a vintage display which was created when this prop made appearances in Doctor Who Exhibitions including Longleat where it was a survivor of the famous 1996 fire which sadly destroyed numerous props and costumes. This can be screen matched to the mask worn by Berger as Rost throughout the serial by its unique construction, the ruff element is not possible to match.

The mask measures approximately 12" high with the total display standing 18", the ruff measures 13" in diameter. Both the mask and ruff feature some damage from their time at Longleat with some minor heat damage to the top of the head and dirt to the interior of the ruff, the exterior having been sympathetically cleaned, all part of the history of this wonderful display.

A very rare and highly displayable creature artefact from the Colin Baker era of this cult science fiction series.

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