Goonies (The)

Corey Feldman (Mouth) personal crew jacket

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An original crew jacket used in the production of The Goonies, the 1985 adventure picture directed by Richard Donner.

During the production of the movie each of the children were issued a personalised crew jacket to wear during location filming with this example being the one worn by Corey Feldman who portrayed Clark "Mouth" Devereaux. The thick quilted and insulated dark green jacket features a patch to the left breast bearing the movie logo and has been personalised for Feldman with 'COREY' hand inscribed to the right breast in graffiti style writing and 'MOUTH' across the back of the jacket with an illustration of a rabbit below, further additions likely added by the children during the production.

There are several photographs of various cast and crew members wearing these jackets during filming including director Richard Donner, the final photographs presented here show Corey Feldman wearing this very jacket during the production and also Jeff Cohen wearing his similarly personalised jacket with his name to the right breast.

The jacket is size small and remains in excellent vintage condition with some minor soiling from use during filming, overall fine.

A unique and exceptional principal actor artefact used during the production of this highly regarded cult classic.

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