Charge of the Light Brigade (The) 1936

Cavalry gauntlets

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A pair of original gauntlets used in the production of The Charge of the Light Brigade, the 1936 historical adventure picture starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland under the direction of Michael Curtiz.

This pair of original production used cavalry gauntlets are constructed from leather and feature extended cuffs with 'WCC2' hand inscribed to the interior and a number stamp in ink, that of noted theatrical tailors Western Costume Company. Following their use during the production the gloves were retained by a crew member as a memento and are period hand inscribed to the interior with details of the film to include the title, the names of stars Flynn and de Havilland and locations used during filming such as Lake Sherwood and Sonora, California.

The gauntlets measure approximately 15" long and remain in good production used and vintage condition with some wear and staining.

An exceptionally rare artefact from this Academy Award winning production and Warner Bros highest grossing picture of 1936.

Movie / TV Show Charge of the Light Brigade (The) 1936