Doctor Who

Character figurine set - The Five Doctors



A set of original figurines used in the production of the long running BBC science fiction series Doctor Who.

These figurines were created for use in the special feature length episode The Five Doctors which marked the 20th anniversary of the series when broadcast in November 1983. The episode saw Patrick Troughton and Jon Pertwee reprise their roles as The Doctor along side current Doctor Peter Davison. Richard Hurndall stood in for the sadly deceased William Hartnell with previously unused footage being used for Tom Baker who refused the invite to reprise his role. Several other former cast members also reprised their respective roles including Elizabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith.

This figurine set appears throughout the story and represent a significant plot device, the set consists of ten figurines, First Doctor, Second Doctor, Third Doctor, Fifth Doctor, The Master, The Brigadier, Susan, Sarah Jane, Tegan and Turlough. The figures were created by freelance sculptor Simon Cooley and were modelled in clay and moulds taken from these masters, the figures were then cast in polyester resin and fibreglass, only this one set was created for use on screen.

The figures are of varying sizes with the tallest measuring approximately 9" high.

An important ensemble of key props from a highly regarded episode of this classic science fiction series.

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