Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

Cast autographed hero Ranger belt

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An original prop used in the production of the long running superhero franchise Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

From the seventh season Power Rangers Lost Galaxy this is an original hero Ranger belt as seen worn by the principal cast throughout the series. Constructed from white leather the belt features a large buckle of cast resin with a painted finish, to the rear a side release clip and Velcro fastening is present.

This belt has been hand signed and inscribed by a number of the principal cast members

  • Danny Slavin - Leo Corbett, Red Ranger
  • Reggie Rolle - Damon Henderson, Green Ranger
  • Archie Kao - Kai Chen, Blue Ranger
  • Valerie Vernon - Kendrix Morgan, Pink Ranger #1
  • Melody Perkins - Karone, Pink Ranger #2
  • Amy Miller - Trakeena

The belt remains in very good production used condition with expected edge wear, light soiling to the leather and some paint loss to the buckle.

A highly displayable and recognisable artefact from this classic franchise.

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