Captain Hook (Dustin Hoffman) shoes

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An original prop used in the production of Hook, the 1991 fantasy adventure directed by Steven Spielberg.

These shoes are non wearable versions of those worn by Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook custom made by the production specifically for the scene where Smee (Bob Hoskins) removes Hook's shoes in his quarters and puts them away, this achievable at a lower cost than making many duplicate pairs of genuine shoes which would have been bespoke made at considerable expense. These static shoes are constructed from solid resin weighing approximately 1.8kg each finished in black paint with a red heel and custom leather flaps with black ribbon, to the back each features a metal eye to provide the illusion that the stored footwear contain shoes trees to keep their shape.

The shoes measure approximately 10" long and stand 5" high, they remain in excellent production used condition exhibiting only minor paint wear with a small hole to one of the leather flaps. The shoes are not a true pair both being for the left foot.

A fine example of prop making and a highly displayable artefact from this Academy Award nominated box office smash.

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