Brian Johnson annotated script & SFX shooting schedule - Collision Course



An original script and shooting schedule used in the production of the cult science fiction series Space: 1999 produced by Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

For the Year One episode Collision Course this production used script and SFX shooting schedule were issued to and utilised by noted visual effects artist Brian Johnson who would go on to win Academy Awards for his work on The Empire Strikes Back and Alien. The final shooting script is dated 13th August 1974 and consists of 62 pages bound within front and rear covers of orange card with the front cover hand inscribed in pencil 'BRIAN JOHNSON 50' to the top right hand corner and bearing Johnson's signature and stamp. To the interior every special effects sequence has been blocked in red pen with many featuring hand inscribed annotations and doodles relating to the shot, all in Johnson's hand.

The script is accompanied by Brian Johnson's personal SFX shooting schedule used by him during the production, also dated 13th August 1974 this consists of 8 pages bound by a staple and features a detailed breakdown of each of the special effects shots. Again stamped and signed by Johnson to the leading page the schedule features a number of rough storyboard doodles and annotations throughout which are again inscribed in his hand.

Both the script and shooting schedule hail from the private collection of special effects director Brian Johnson and remain in exceptional production used condition throughout, very fine.

An outstanding example of an original Year One production material from this acclaimed television series.

Movie / TV Show Space: 1999