Blackadder II

Bob/Lord Flashheart wedding dress



This wedding dress was worn by both Gabrielle Glaister and Rik Mayall in Bells, the first episode in the second series of the classic BBC television sitcom Blackadder.

In this memorable episode Lord Blackadder becomes infatuated with Kate/Bob (Glaister) and asks for her hand in marriage, Lord Flashheart (Mayall) is given best man duties but fails to show, eventually he arrives by crashing through the roof and continues to steal Bob from Lord Blackadder, they are then shown running away together wearing each others clothing. This dress was custom made in house at the BBC specifically for these scenes and is labelled inside to Rik Mayall.

The piece shows signs of production distress and has had a large section removed from the rear of the dress which was used for part of another costume, it is also missing the front chest panel which clipped onto the dress.

A rare costume piece from this much loved BBC comedy series.

Movie / TV Show Blackadder II