Early one line schedule featuring Dick Grayson

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An original document used in the production of Batman, Tim Burton's 1989 superhero blockbuster starring Michael Keaton as the caped crusader opposite Jack Nicholson in his unforgettable portrayal of The Joker.

This is an original one line schedule which is essentially a shortened version of the more detailed shooting schedule used by the production when planning the filming of the movie. The 30 page document is headed 'WARNER BROS. PRODS LTD' and 'BATMAN' with the date March 4, 1988, some eight months before shooting commenced at Pinewood Studios, it includes a breakdown of the scenes with specifics noted to the side relating to locations and miniature effects, one minor hand inscribed annotation is present. This being an early draft it includes a number of sequences which differ significantly from the final film. Some of the more notable differences include the following

  • The appearance of Dick Grayson, actor Ricky Addison Reed was cast in the role before the character was removed from the picture entirely.
  • The Joker abducts Vicki Vale from her apartment and takes off in his van with Batman chasing through Gotham City on a police horse.
  • A performance by The Flying Graysons which culminates in the death of Dick's parents at the hands of the Joker, this idea would later be recycled for Joel Schumacher's Batman Forever (1995).
  • Dick Grayson rescuing Batman from the crashed Batwing after he is shot down by the Joker.
  • The Joker is startled by a horde of bats from the top of the cathedral which causes him to fall to his death.

The schedule measures 11" x 9" and remains in excellent production used condition exhibiting only minimal wear from handling, extremely fine.

A rare and interesting example of original production material from this Academy Award winning superhero classic.

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