Back to the Future Part III

Hill Valley Telegraph newspaper

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An original newspaper created for the production of Back to the Future Part III, the final instalment in the classic trilogy starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd.

As Marty McFly (Michael J Fox) travels back to the year 1985 to rescue his friend Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) he finds himself stranded in the Old West with the usual disastrous consequences which surround the duo.

Newspapers such as this were created for the production for use by the clients of the Saloon which Marty and Doc visit during their stay in 1885. This Hill Valley Telegraph newspaper was custom printed by the production on old fashioned paper stock, dated September 4, 1985 it contains numerous news features spanning 12 pages, a number of which are repeated throughout.

The newspaper measures 12" x 16" and remains in excellent unfolded condition exhibiting only very minor toning, extremely fine.

A displayable artefact from this classic science fiction trilogy.

Movie / TV Show Back to the Future Part III