Apollo 13

Command Module instrument panel

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An original prop used in the production of Apollo 13, the 1995 drama starring Tom Hanks under the direction of Ron Howard.

Instrument panels such as this can be seen at the controls of the Odyssey Command Module throughout the movie. This panel formed part of the electrical power controls to the right side of the module and relates largely to the fuel cells which crucially fail following the damage to the oxygen tanks during the mission, this resulting in losing the moon and using the Lunar Module as a lifeboat in order to return the crew safely to Earth.

The panel is constructed from semi translucent white perspex which is finished in grey paint to the recto with writing advising the purpose of the various instruments which could be back lit with blue light during filming, the prop also features various velcro squares for the crew to attach items to it whilst in orbit and a number of screw holes used to attach the panel to the set. The prop is highly accurate to the one used in the genuine Apollo Command Module and this panel can be clearly seen in the movie as Jim Lovell (Tom Hanks) switches the master alarm shortly after he utters the iconic and misquoted line "Houston, we have a problem" following the malfunction.

The panel measures approximately 15" x 9" at its widest points and remains in excellent production used condition with breaks to the bottom where this once formed part of a larger panel and a quantity of white tape to the verso likely added post production, overall fine.

A highly displayable artefact from this Academy Award winning box office smash.

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