Statement of production costs

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An original document used in the production of Alien, the 1979 science fiction classic directed by Ridley Scott with design from legendary Swiss surrealist H. R. Giger.

This original statement of production costs is dated 14th September 1979 and shows the final costing information for the entire production. The two page staple bound document was prepared by production accountant William Finch and is printed on white 13" x 8.5" paper headed 'TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX PRODUCTIONS LTD' with the title of the movie "ALIEN" below with the front page noting that the picture ran 16 days over schedule with main shooting completed 21st October 1978 and finished £828,864 over budget. The second page provides a detailed breakdown of the final budget with actual costs and original budgeted costs clearly displayed, some of the more interesting figures include the principal cast finishing $88,000 under budget and unsurprisingly the mechanical and miniature effects units finishing £131,000 and £166,000 over budget respectively with their total cost accounting for approximately 18% of the entire budget. Please note that parts of the document have been blurred to prevent replication.

The document remains in very good vintage condition exhibiting some edge wear and toning due to age, otherwise fine.

An extremely rare and interesting example of original production material from this influential science fiction classic now celebrating its 40th anniversary.

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