A Change of Seasons

Adam Evans (Anthony Hopkins) cardigan



An original costume used in the production of A Change of Seasons, the 1980 comedy drama picture starring Anthony Hopkins, Shirley MacLaine and Bo Derek.

This cardigan can be seen worn on screen by Anthony Hopkins as Adam Evans in the scenes where he returns home in the car with Lindsey (Bo Derek) to his wife Karyn (Shirley MacLaine) only to find her in the company of Pete (Michael Brandon). The Scotch House branded cardigan is constructed from 100% wool and features two pockets with several large buttons to the front. The unique placement and pattern on the buttons makes it is possible to match this cardigan to the one worn on screen by Hopkins in these scenes.

The wardrobe remains in good vintage condition with a small hole near the left front pocket and some stitch pulling to the right elbow, otherwise fine.

A rare example of original wardrobe worn by this highly regarded Academy Award winning actor.

Movie / TV Show A Change of Seasons