Space: 1999

Brian Johnson hand drawn A1 storyboard - Devils Planet



This original A1 storyboard was utilised during the production of Space: 1999 for the season two episode Devils Planet.

Hand drawn by effects artist Brian Johnson during production detailing the model effects required. Consisting of 15 individual storyboards with each board measuring approximately 16cm x 20cm they are stuck onto backing paper and contained within an A1 ArtCare folder. The storyboards detail the episode number, scene number and slate number with direction comments underneath which are largely quoted from the original shooting script. After each model effects shot was completed a large cross was placed over a number of the boards in a china graph style pencil, these crosses are drawn on the plastic ArtCare folder meaning the original drawings are not compromised. Ten of the fifteen boards are hand drawn and are fantastically detailed in full colour, the remaining five boards are blank in order to save valuable time reproducing very similar drawings while still documenting the required information, they are marked 'DONT IGNORE'. One of the slates is stamped BRAY FILM STUDIOS, PINEWOOD STUDIOS, SPECIAL/VISUAL FX, BRIAN JOHNSON and is hand signed by Brian.

The folder and boards remain in excellent condition overall and provide a rare insight into the production techniques employed on this ground breaking television series. It was Brian Johnson's work on Space: 1999 which catapulted him into Hollywood, later going on to win two academy awards for his effects work on Alien and The Empire Strikes Back.

In very fine condition throughout.

Movie / TV Show Space: 1999